MAAMI HOME Gather 'Round: Unveiling new marble dining table

Gather 'Round: Unveiling a new marble dining table

There is nothing more intimate in a house than a dining table, it holds all the intimate moments with the close ones or funny memories with a group of friends. On some occasions we fall in love with our items that symbolize unforgettable memories and want to pass it to generations where choosing a marble table is becoming the most attractive option. Today’s blog will unravel the story of a new marble dining table QUINA.

QUINA’s story

If you follow MAAMI’s HOME journey, perhaps you have noticed that we have prepared a spring full of surprises, including a recent introduction of the design furniture series QUINA.

QUINA series consists of side and coffee tables (if you want to find out more click here), now being joined by the biggest brother- dining table. The pieces were developed by the designer Monica Oliveira and when asked about the inspiration for the collection, Monica said:

"Growing up in a large family where interaction and sharing were central, inspired by my maternal grandmother (VóQuina), I aim to create a collection of elegant, personality-filled tables for various gathering spaces in the home, such as the living room and dining room. The idea of creating an element that would be present in the moments of interaction and sharing of other families became the inspiration for this project.”

Design features

The table features a marble base and a glass top. The collection is made from 2 distinctive marbles – Arabescato and Spider Grey. The natural stones were specifically chosen for their captivating veining and patterns that can be seen through the glass table top while enjoying the gathering. The marble legs are gracefully hand-finished by artisans to ensure the highest quality standards and they are placed in the middle of the table- meaning no accidental painful kicks to the marble. Moreover, you have the option to choose what suits your space better- a round top or a square one. A round top allows everyone around the table to feel closer and more intimate, while a square one provides more space. In both cases, the table is fitted for small gatherings hosting up to 4 seats.


Each Quina table seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with time-honoured craftsmanship. From conception to completion, meticulous attention is devoted to every phase of production. Our production process involves precision work with a 5-axis CNC machine to achieve the distinctive leg design, complemented by coloured glass that harmonizes with the hues of natural stone. Additionally, the designer of the piece, Monica Oliveira, personally selects the finest stone for each project to make sure the colouring of the stone matches the hues of the glass top or marble top upon request.

Customization options

At MAAMI HOME we understand that same as the stone each home and its owner is unique, that’s why we always offer various customization options. Your space screams for a white marble base such as Calacatta? We have you covered. You want to merge two different marble types- one stone for the base and a different one for the top? We are sure we will find something you love! You want the table to fit 6 people instead of 4? Our design team will take up this challenge to find the best solution for you! If you have any questions about the new collection or how it can fit your space, send us a message and we will gladly see the options with you!