About us

Everything was born from the love of a white marble stone. The marble worked with the craftsmanship of all the people that know how to turn a plate into a piece of artwork for home decor turned Maami in what it is today.

Maaami was established in 2016 by Sergio Costa. It all started with 2 people working together to give response to nearby projects but now this projet already counts with all ages colaborators working with some of the most known luxurious brands of furniture.


Our main goal is to be a reference when speaking about marble by innovating and developing new solutions for decoration with stones, always respecting and preserving the Nature of each material.
Our motivation is t make people feel they have a unique piece of Nature inside their homes making them feel proud and happy to have it.


We are specialised in Marble, which is a natural material, of sedimentary origin, formed by a metamorphic sedimentary process. Combining state-of-the-art technology with the mastery of our artisans we want to serve our customers with the quality they expect from us.


Ethic - We believe that professional ethics should be protected. Therefore, we always act bearing it in mind.
Humanity - We sustain that all of our success is due to the people that collaborate with us, so we have the belief that every one of them should be treated like they deserve with full respect and dignity.
Tradition - We do defend that tradition is one of the most important values of our company. Having this in mind we try to preserve craftmanship, as much as we can.
Rigor - We all believe that accuracy is the path to perfection, and it is our main guideline to produce all our pieces.
Cooperation - If we work all together to obtain a common goal we strengthen our brand.
Dedication and value - We are extremely dedicated to our business area, never forgetting all the people that collaborate with us as well as our production materials.
Respect - We have a great concern and respect for the fulfilment of all the legislative norms.
Family - Even though we are a familiar company we go beyond that, having always in mind that family is what matters most to our employees, we give them freedom to make their own schedule.
Discretion - We work every day to make our products look simple despite their value and quality.
Resilience - We are extremely dedicated to reach our goals and, having that in mind, we work every day to achieve them.
Coherence - We are always loyal to our identity.
Integration and innovation - One of our main goal is to integrate and innovate the business area that we are involved in.