Ultimate 5 step Christmas table décor Guide

Sometimes it seems that there is so much to do for Christmas and yet so little time! That is why we created a guide to decorating your Christmas table while keeping it in style! When decking the halls, the dinner table needs your undivided attention! So, get the festive season's playlist on, and join us today as we explore our top tips for Christmas dining cheer!

1. Lay down the base

Start with your fabrics! Once you have those sorted, it will serve as a base for the rest to come and you can be creatively organized with the remaining décor! Dust off your fancy table cloth or if you want to uncover natural wood or stone structure of the table, go for a table runner. You can upgrade your table setting with placemats, coasters or napkins to create individual spaces for your beloved guests. If you are planning to have a colourful décor we recommend opting for more neutral and natural colors like light brown or green.

Image credit: layeredlounge

2. Create a central focus point

Next step - your table centrepiece! You want to create one main focal point on your festive table. It can host your Christmas cake, an array of candles and some greenery to create just the right mood for the feast! At MAAMI Home, we chose ATOMO as a perfect object to make a statement to attract all curious eyes. It consists of 10 marble spheres that resemble Christmas tree decorations and features a glass plate to hold your chosen items for creating the right mood.

3.  Get some ambient light!

When talking cozy atmosphere, candles are taking over the stage! The subtle yellow light adds intimacy and warmness to the space, so if you want your festive dinner to bring unforgettable memories make sure you have some ready for the day! Candles can be easily incorporated in your centrepiece décor or along the table. You can aim for simple taper candles to bring that coziness or if you want to make a statement on your table, you can opt-in for HANDLE NATURE from MAAMI Home collection. Handle nature combines subtle colors- green, beige and milk white that embrace the colors of Christmas, while each lit candle brings the smells of bergamot combined with lemon, cardamom and pink pepper's spicy touch, on a woody base of white musk.

4.  Choose the striking tableware

For your table to leave a lasting impression, tableware should not be left behind! There are so many options to choose from but perhaps you already have your family's traditioned plates and cutlery so keep that in place as it brings all the good memories of the previous celebrations. Yet, if you want to bring some fresh wind that will leave your guest with a “wow” grab some stoneware- marble plates and trays, they will do the job! For this year’s Christmas MAAMI Home introduced a new selection of marble trays and plates in Pocahontas. This marble features a color palette of a symphony of soft, earthy tones that seamlessly transition from rich, deep greens to gentle hints of yellow and soothing blues- perfect to add some of that green color to your table! The picture below features ROUND TRAY AND PLATE POCAHONTAS.

5. Don’t forget the Greenery!

Last but not least- bring some liveliness that resembles with the Christmas spirit. Once your fabrics are hugging the desk, your centerpiece is in place and all the tableware is set, decorate your table with some greenery! Depending on your location, you might want to grab some olive, pine or juniper branches and wind them around you centerpiece and candles. If you want to bring more color try to incorporate some Holly or The Christmas flower- Poinsettia and your dining table will look lively and fresh!

Image credit: MK Design London

That is it, your dining table is ready to host unforgettable memories and a Christmas feast! If you wish to upgrade your dining setting for this Christmas head straight to our Christmas section on the website and order your pieces before we run out of our limited stock or contact our team!