MAAMI HOME Top tips for cosy autumn spaces

Three ways to create cosy autumn spaces

Autumn is a favourite season of the year for many - the days may be drawing in and the leaves are creating their own carpet of amber, mustard yellow and pumpkin orange, giving the perfect excuse to create a cosy atmosphere in a space. Whether that means lighting the fire, warm drinks, gatherings with friends, introducing new colours and textures, we’re completely and utterly in favour of creating a sense of cosiness and warmth in the home. Here are our three tips to make the transition from summer to a joyful autumn!

1. Let there be light!

Here at MAAMI HOME, we often recommend adding light to a space. Light has many benefits, and at this time of year it’s especially important to ward off seasonal depression. Light helps our circadian rhythms and thus we sleep better. It’s also a great help when it comes to focusing and getting things done, as mentioned in our last blog post.

There are many ways to let the light in but two of our faves are with lower level lighting - in the form of a lamp, or candles. They’re easier on the eyes and are a great way to create a cosy atmosphere on autumn’s cooler, darker days. 

We previously mentioned how candles bring light into a room, and they can also be chosen to associate with the season. Candles add ambience, a sense of connection with those around us and even aromas if we choose one with a special scent that matches the season. 

2. Go Natural

Whether its stone, wood or fabrics, opt for natural colours and textures which reflect the changing of the season.

Wood, marble and natural fabrics are just a few ways we like to add a sense of nature to a room. Choose a statement furniture piece for immediate stand out. Or for simpler autumnal changes, pair trays and plates with seasonal glass and china to match the occasion. Whether it's a big celebration or just a cosy weekend night after a long week at work, the little changes make all the difference!

3.  Layer it on

Layer textures for added warmth and immediate impact. From a simple throw to a favourite rug, natural textures and colours combine with one another to create a snug and homely nook. Choose key places as a focus for the space - the living room, the hallway where family and guests are welcomed and the dining room. Add items crafted in leather, wicker baskets and marble for natural materials and pair with throws in velvet, wool and felt, for a contrast against the smoothness of the leather and marble. 

Practical yet useful, marble bookends and trays become focus points in a room, whilst fabric throws add a decorative element and serve as the ultimate in cosy comfort as the temperature drops.  

And don't forget the days when the sun shines! When it's still warm enough to enjoy the great outdoors, head outside with a selection of blankets, wooden outdoor furniture and marble trays for dinner, drinks or simply to catch up.

So, all that remains is to decide how to create a cosy autumn nook for your lifestyle. Whether its layering textures, adding natural tones or candles and lamps, we're sure our tips will bring autumnal comfort into your living space.

Contact the MAAMI HOME team to find out more about our specially designed and handcrafted marble pieces that will bring autumn cheer this season.