MAAMI HOME mini FIORE- a new way to illuminate your space

mini FIORE- a new way to illuminate your space

It’s a late summer evening. The air is still slightly warm, and a soft breeze carries the scent of blooming flowers. The evening spreads its charm, inviting you to stay outside just a little longer, to grab that book and a cup of warming tea. Can you feel the peace overflowing you? That’s the vision our head of design, Fabio Teixeira, had when creating the mini Fiore lamp. The idyll would be very different if, suddenly, the sun set and darkness ruined the moment. That’s why Fabio spent over a year perfecting his new creation. Read on to discover the secrets and inspiration behind our portable lamp, mini Fiore.

Pre-history of mini FIORE
MAAMI HOME collection has been accompanied by a marble lamp FIORE since 2019. The table lamp challenged the boundaries of marble. The stone is carved to a finely balanced limit in order to fully appreciate the translucency of the marble, allowing the light to dance on the surrounding surfaces. Shortly after, the creation was recognised by ArchiProducts design awards, an organization, well-known for architects and designers. As it was so adored by our marble lovers, Fabio was almost forced to continue and present the successor- mini Fiore.

Collection and inspiration
Born from a vision of simplicity and functionality, the mini Fiore is not just a lamp—it's a versatile companion that seamlessly integrates into any space, illuminating it with elegance and charm. The mini Fiore collection is a groundbreaking addition to MAAMI HOME, being the first series to introduce vivid colors into our elegant repertoire.


When asked about the inspiration for the lamp, Fabio Texeira, the designer, said:

I created this piece to harnesses the power of vibrant colors and colorful marbles of the season. The colors in the marble give it a special charm, making it not just an object, but a companion for moments when conversation flows gently and music soothes the soul. I want it to transform spaces into an intimate haven, highlighting the beauty and color that bring the environments to life.

Who says marble has to stick to whites and greys? We're breaking the mold with vibrant hues that bring a fresh breath of life to your decor. Not only does the mini Fiore surprises with its stunning palette, but it also marks our first venture into portable lighting. Imagine carrying a piece of sophisticated design with you, from your cozy reading corner to your starlit garden party! Available in an array of colors—sunny yellow, lush green, sophisticated grey, timeless white, bold black, and warm beige—the mini Fiore offers a vibrant spectrum to complement any space.

With a nod to tradition and a leap into the future, the mini Fiore introduces a new chapter in portable lighting, enriched with vibrant colors, sleek aluminum construction, and a seamless blend of artistry and technology. It's more than just a lamp; it's a beacon of style and sophistication, ready to light up your world for years to come.

Crafting Brilliance: Behind the Scenes of the mini Fiore
Crafting the mini Fiore lamp is a journey merging artistry and innovation, where each component is meticulously crafted to the highest standard. At the heart of this process lies the lamp's natural stone top, as 5-axis CNC machines sculpt the stone to perfection, complemented by the skilled hands of artisans who add the final touches and polish the stone to achieve honed marble finish. Meanwhile, the aluminum leg takes form with precision on the lathe machine, its sleek profile accentuated by a vibrant coating. Both elements, the stone and aluminum, undergo transformations: the stone emerges as a luminous centerpiece, while the aluminum leg, turned and coated, adds a touch of modern elegance. It is all so hard to describe the beauty of the production process, therefor we prepared a video, where you can see it for you self- click here to see it!

Debuting the Mini Fiore Lamp at 3 Days of Design
Mark your calendars for an illuminating experience at Copenhagen's premier design event, 3 Days of Design, from June 12th to 14th! Be among the first to witness the debut of the mini Fiore lamp. While official pre-orders are open now with deliveries slated for September, seize the opportunity to grab the very limited stock at the event! 

Join us at our partner's showroom located at Århusgade 131, Copenhagen, they open the doors from 10 am to 6 pm while from 4 pm to 6 pm there will be wine and snacks. Don't miss the chance to claim your mini Fiore before they vanish into the ether of design excellence!