MAAMI HOME ECO-NIBBLES - the launch of our first round table

Introducing ECO- NIBBLES, the upcycled table

Have you ever though about how the shape of a table impacts upon our interactions with one another? Have you ever considered how the table's shape impacts on how moments in our life play out?  From a round to a square, oval or rectangular table, each one has a role in a space, influencing the feel of a space, the interior design and the experience of those gathered around it and the way they move around a room.

For our first round table in the MAAMI HOME collection we took a sustainable approach to our design and the ECO-NIBBLES marble table is the result.

Find out more about the concept, design and production of our ECO-NIBBLES round marble table in today's journal post.

A round table

The ECO-NIBBLES table is the first round dining table in the MAAMI HOME collection. It was purposefully designed with a round top so that gatherings are simpler - no one is at the head of the table and everyone is equal.

Sustainable sourcing

One of the key elements of every product we design, make and ship at MAAMI HOME is sustainability. Our products focus on upcycling whenever possible and each piece is delivered in specially designed and created flatpack packaging, all of which is plastic-free. 

The sustainably-sourced ECO-NIBBLES dining table is upcycled from various pieces of marble from our marble yard, ensuring that smaller pieces from other projects do not go to waste.

Structure and natural stone focus

The table's sand-coated steel structure brings focus to the natural stone, and in conjunction with the marble base structure, perfectly supports the weight of the marble top. The steel structure is designed to both complement and highlight the marble element of the table's leg. The sand-coloured steel structure was chosen to match the hues found in the puzzle-like layout of the table top.


Many hours of selection, cutting and polishing go into the table top, and that's before we even get to the table legs, also a work of art and commitment in themselves.

Each piece of marble for the ECO-NIBBLES table is carefully hand-selected prior to cutting to ensure the colours and veining match and combine harmoniously with each other. Once cut these are polished then pieced together like a giant jigsaw puzzle by Fábio, our Product Designer.

The final touches - marble polishing

There are two polishing stages - the first when the initial shapes are cut to form the table top, and at the end once these pieces are assembled and the table is almost ready to be sent to a new home.

We like to think of the ECO-NIBBLES table top as a luxury jigsaw puzzle, personally completed by Fábio. Once the puzzle is complete and Fábio is happy with the veining and shade matching and look of the table top, only then are the pieces attached to each other for the round table top to be cut into one single piece. At this point, all that is needed is to carefully box it up and send it to our clients, ready to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Contact the MAAMI HOME team to find out more about the ECO-NIBBLES table and how it would fit in your space.