MAAMI HOME 5 shades for 2020's colour pallete

The ultimate colour palette: 5 must-have shades for your decor

Colour is one of the most important elements when it comes to a space makeover. Choosing an object in a new colour, deciding on the right decorative element, or painting a wall in an unexpected shade makes all the difference to an environment. Sometimes, with the aim of making more diverse colour choices, we may lean towards gaudy colours in an effort to be eccentric, and yet opting for more neutral tones can help you transform your room to create a simpler, more distinctive and elegant space.

At MAAMI HOME we are passionate about functional minimalism and we like to keep up with what’s trending. We work with marble stone as the primary material for our furniture, exploring stone's versatility in conjunction with other materials. In addition to the raw materials we choose for our pieces, colour is also extremely important in the thought and development processes for our collections. In 2020, an mixed colour palette is the name of the game and it is one that will meet everyone's tastes. .  Disover our 5 favourite colour trends for the year to come.

1. Neo Mint 
Neo Mint was unveiled as one of the biggest colour trends for 2020. Adaptable to different spaces of your home, choose small decorative objects with Neo Mint hints or more delicate pieces of furniture. for those who are not afraid to take risks, try Neo Mint on a larger surface such as a wall or a kitchen counter. Refreshing and contemporary, Neo Mint adds an uplifting tone to your space. 

2. Purest Blue
Pantone has chosen classic blue as the colour of 2020. When it comes to interior design, blues are also gaining momentum and are tone of the top colour trends for 2020. As well as being a very versatile choice, because it is easy to combine with other colours, choosing  blue means your space is hitting the heights when it comes to contemporaneity. Blue is the colour choice for those whose focus is on possibility. From the more serene and modern pastel blue in calming environments, to dark blue, for more classic and sophisticated environments, blue is the ideal choice for those looking to create their own unique space. Start by painting a single wall or testing the colour on small decorative objects before you step it up a notch and go for blue on every wall. 

3. Forever Pink
Always a popular colour, pink has remains one of the big colour trends in interior design this year. Top picks are old rose and dry rose tones which have been widely used in furniture and decorative objects. In 2020, pink is yet again one of the colours of choice, bringing elegance and modernity to any space. Distinct and striking, pink is also a perfectly adaptable colour that can be applied to small or large pieces of furniture.

4. Earth Tones
Truly adaptable and delightfully natural, browns, oranges, terracotta and mustard are colours that remain in vogue. The new year's colour trends see a leaning towards earth tones to decorate your spaces, whether it is a wall, a sofa, an impressive sideboard or in the textured accessories you choose, from blankets to cushions and everything in between. Cozy and versatile, the earth colour palette enhances the feeling of comfort and creates a sense of greater proximity to nature.

5. Grey is the New Black
Elegant and timeless, grey in all its shades is one of the trends for 2020. Easy to match with various colours, grey is one of the most contemporary and versatile colours of all time. Black, however, maintains its stylish edge, as only black can do, and remains in style, maintaining its presence in furniture and decorative objects. At MAAMI HOME, black and grey marble, or hints thereof, continue to be our top colour choices for our collections.


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