MAAMI HOME How lighting can create the perfect atmosphere.

How lighting can create the perfect atmosphere

Light can influence our mood and determine the entire style of decoration in a given room.  Light affects the flow of a space, it helps to determine the ambience a space projects and the way we feel about a space.  Consequently, choices for lighting always come to the fore as an essential element in the design process.

At MAAMI HOME, the lighting concepts we develop play a fundamentally decorative role. Each piece is thought out in detail and the challenge we embrace is to work the light element in with different marble stones, often pushing the latter to the limit of creativity.

Find our more about three of our lighting pieces that best reflect the MAAMI HOME team's passion for creative work with marble.

FIORE is a lamp designed for comfortable spaces. With a disconcerting simplicity, FIORE ESTREMOZ ROSA GOLD is made of aged brass and estremoz marble stone, and the scenic light it projects has been thought of in detail. 

Find out more about FIORE


An outstanding marble body forms LUMI, a lamp with detailed openings that embraces the entire piece.

Discover LUMI's inner light


With an aesthetic similiar to the LUMI luminaire, SILHOUETTE is a lamp that has an outlined and alluring shape.

Imagine how SILHOUETTE would complement your space


Contact the MAAMI HOME team to discuss our decorative lighting concepts and pieces.  We would be delighted to find our more about your project or space and work with you to find the perfect lighting fit for you.