MAAMI HOME How to use decorative trays

3 places where the decorative tray takes centre stage

With a new year coming you might be considering a makeover at home, at work or your home office.. A new look is the ultimate New Year's resolution for the places where we spend the most time. There is something that cheers us up when we buy a new sofa, that sideboard we've been yearning after or when we finally install that much-coveted lighting in the living room. The sense of renewal compounds that fresh start feel of the new year and it's an opportunity to start next year on a high with a sense of renewed energy and enthusiasm. 

Trend data for 2020 again suggests that natural features will be top of the list of must-haves for interior design. Quality materials, with sustainable aspects will be top the list for the year's hot trends with bamboo, cork or wicker in different décor scenarios taking centre stage. Marble stone is one of these raw materials, which stands out for being pure and minimal and for being highly versatile in the way it transforms and adapts itself for various purposes, thus enhancing the environments in which it has been chosen for use. 

In terms of versatility, there is one single object that has gained a prominent place in living and work environments for its functional and decorative characteristiscs.  The tray, a simple yet essential element of many a home, workplace and business environment, trays have long been on the list of the most produced objects for the home, but for a few years now, there has been growing interest in how trays can be used creatively for a much wider range of possibilities.

Square, by MAAMI HOME, is one of the most sought-after series from MAAMI HOME, because of the range of shapes, dimensions and the different types of marble stone in which the trays are produced. Decorative and functional, Square trays reflect elementary geometric shapes that adapt for various purposes. Here is our run down of the three places where your trays can take centre stage. 

In the office

Clips, staplers, small notebooks and other essential office items can be neatly arranged on a tray right by your side, so they're hand for when you are working. Trays of different shapes or dimensions allow you to organise objects according to their use. Office objects can be arranged on the trays as you see fit, whilst the trays stand out as part of the decoration of the desk.

In the living room

Dried flowers will continue to be on-trend for 2020. The simplicity of their natural forms is perfectly combined with trays that also convey the shades of nature. You can choose to place the flowers on the stone or place them in small jars, then decide the best placement for the jars, 

In the kitchen

On the dining table or kitchen counter, trays are a winning bet, whether for functional or decorative purposes. Trays are an ideal solution to bring a touch of modernity to any kitchen and, thanks to its simplicity and minimal character, ours combines perfectly with various decorative styles. To ensure your tray stays in as-new condition when in use and maintains its original look, take care not to use liquids or other substances that could damage the marble.

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