MAAMI HOME The finishing touches to the PUKA PUKA washbasin

The finishing touches to the PUKA PUKA washbasin

Behind every MAAMI HOME piece there is a team of craftsmen working away, applying years of carefully-honed knowledge and skill, to create the perfect work of marble art. Our highly-skilled marble artisans bring our designers' pieces to life, with hours of work dedicated to perfecting each unique piece.

Accompany us on the final stages of the making of Puka Puka in this photo journal. 

PUKA PUKA is a wall-mounted washbasin with a walnut wood veneer cabinet. The wood cabinet is made locally to MAAMI HOME using ancient Portuguese cabinet-making traditions.

Crafted in Carrara marble, a prestigious marble from the Italian Carrara region in northern Tuscany. Carrara marble is known for its associations with luxury. It has shades of grey which contrast with the white background, offering an elegant and light touch to a space.

We took a walk around the workshop floor to see the finishing touches our craftsmen diligently apply to every MAAMI HOME piece before it heads on its way to a new home.

Above and below: the last stages of polishing 

Below: cleaning the marble ready for shipment

Packing the washbasin with MAAMI HOME's specially designed sustainable packaging. 

Find out more about PUKA PUKA by getting in touch with the MAAMI HOME team.