MAAMI HOME Celebrating International Women’s Day at MAAMI HOME

Celebrating International Women’s Day at MAAMI HOME

International Women’s Day takes place on 8th of March and is celebrated across the world. The first gathering of International Women’s Day was in 1911, and over a century later, the day continues to mark a call to action for accelerating women’s equality and celebrating their social, economic, cultural and political achievements.

In today’s journal we find out a little bit more about the women who work at MAAMI HOME. Here’s the low-down on, and faces of the female members of the team.  There are 10 in total, and they, along with the men, make our final pieces possible.

Porto born and bred, Mara is MAAMI HOME’s product designer. Mara has worked at MAAMI HOME since 2019. 
Mara's greatest achievement is being able to be whatever she wants as a woman who is free, independent, and never gives up.

Mónica is MAAMI HOME's product designer and has a Master's degree in Industrial and Product Design. Originally from Porto, Mónica has been our product designer and sustainable packaging developer since 2021.
Mónica's greatest achievement is having the freedom and independence to work in an area that she loves.
When it comes to achievements at MAAMI HOME, Mónica's great achievement is changing the entire packaging system so it is completely plastic-free. As a result, MAAMI HOME is the first Portuguese company within the sector to achieve this.

Mariana was born and lives in Porto. Our admin and logistics assistant, Mariana has been working for Maami since October 2019. Her biggest achievement is knowing who she is and where she wants to be.

Ana D
Ana is from Vila Nova de Gaia and is responsable for MAAMI HOME's purchasing, stock management and the development of MAAMI HOME's image for each of our pieces. Ana has worked at MAAMI HOME since March 2022.
When it comes to achievements at MAAMI HOME, Ana's top achievement is managing stock and ensuring our craftsmen have everything they need to make our unique pieces. Ana loves seeing each beautiful piece leave MAAMI HOME, knowing that she is a part of making it happen and that she has the freedom to raise expectations for each and every piece we make.

Ana S
Ana is MAAMI HOME's sales manager and the first person you'll probably speak to when you contact us. Ana is born and bred in Porto and has worked at MAAMI HOME since early 2022. Ana's top achievement is being happy.

Originally from Leeds in the UK, Catherine is MAAMI HOME’s copywriter and has worked at MAAMI HOME since November 2022. 
Catherine’s top achievement is having the independence to enjoy work, successfully complete a Master's degree during the pandemic and teach her daughters to be smart, confident, kind and that they can be whatever they want when they grow up.

Hailing from Setúbal, Bárbara now lives in Porto. Bárbara is MAAMI HOME’s social media manager and has worked at MAAMI HOME since December 2022.
Bárbara’s top achievement is being able to live life on her own terms while working independently and freely in the field that she feels is most rewarding. 

Originally from Lithuania, Dovile is MAAMI HOME’s CMO. Dovile has been part of the MAAMI HOME team since March 2021 where she started as a product designer.
Dovile’s top achievements are to have experienced living in five different countries, getting to know different cultures and gaining new perspectives, volunteering in Vietnam, and combining two different disciplines in daily life - marketing knowledge for MAAMI HOME and product design for her own start-up.

Erica is from Vale de Cambra, in the Aveiro region. Erica is our quality manager and product processes manager and has worked at MAAMI HOME since September 2022. Her greatest achievement is getting a degree in chemical engineering and starting to work in the field straight after up until this day. She is proud of being an independent woman, working every day to become a better person and never giving up on her goals!

Lisa is originally from Antwerp, Belgium and is working at MAAMI HOME for three months to complete a project for her Bachelor's thesis. Her greatest achievement is starting her own jewellery business at the age of 20.