MAAMI HOME Behind the scenes at MAAMI HOME's wooden cabinet maker

Revealing the artistry: The masterful cabinet makers at MAAMI HOME

Do you want to know the secret of what makes our pieces stand the test of time? 

MAAMI HOME has a truly special relationship with a local family-run cabinetmaker, which has stood the test of time. Their passion for crafting bespoke cabinets, coupled with their years of expertise, make them the only ones we trust to create our exquisite pieces. Every cabinet they make is a masterpiece, carefully crafted with precision and care, from the cutting table to the sanding blocks, and finally the assembly area. When combined with our hand-finished marble, the end result is nothing short of breathtaking. We feel incredibly fortunate to have found such talented artisans to partner with in our pursuit for perfection.


Find out more about the journey of our pieces in today’s journal post. 

Marble sideboard. GRAMMI sideboard is a minimal design piece of furniture

Sunlight rays warm the room through the high, dusty glass window panes. Cutting moulds hang on the wall.  Saw dust scattered on the floor. An old, traditional log burner gently radiates heat throughout the day, as carpenter's glue, made just as it was when the company began, simmers gently on top. Time, fashions and technology may have moved on since the company was founded almost 70 years ago, but the cabinet makers still craft the wooden elements of our pieces for us using ancient Portuguese carpentry techniques.

With the second generation at the helm, the company is run by a knowledgeable team of three master craftsmen: two brothers and a friend. After so many years working together, the friend is affectionately referred to as a brother.  Each of the three "brothers" have worked there since their teenage years, and they all know how to make cabinets from start to finish. Yet, they each choose to work on their favourite element of each piece, combining a love for their art with their time-honed knowledge, in every piece they create.  

Each piece is made to order and made to measure. Wood is sourced from the United States, while European, Latin American and African are also an option if  it matches the quality requirements of the cabinet.  American ash, oak and walnut are the cabinetmakers' top choices for their quality, strength and finishing properties.

The wood is cut on machines which have been in situ for decades, shaping and sanding are made by hand using cork or wooden sanding blocks, to achieve smooth finishes. The walls are dotted with moulds and detailed specifications from our design team and sawdust flies around the room, perfuming the air with the aroma of freshly-cut lumber.

One of the MAAMI HOME team’s favourite pieces made at this workshop is the GRAMMI sideboard.  The cabinet for the GRAMMI marble sideboard takes three weeks to make, from start to finish, and each piece of marble is tested at the workshop to ensure it fits perfectly in the cabinet. 

Find out more about the GRAMMI marble sideboard for your space, which can also be found at the Ritz Carlton in Toronto, by getting in touch with the MAAMI HOME team.