MAAMI HOME Five minimalist bathroom ideas

Five minimalist bathroom ideas

The decision to bring minimalism into the bathroom is both about functionality and aesthetics, all in one go. When simplified, rooms become efficient and practical places. The idea is to take away complications within space, or more colloquially, the famous less is more. From colours to storage, there are different paths to take when our mission is to create a minimalist bathroom. Here are our suggestions for a refreshing, more aesthetically pleasing and transformatational bathroom environment.

Five minimalist ideas that will transform any bathroom:

1. Keep surfaces clean and tidy

Whether it's the washbasin or the storage unit, this is one of the main rules. Hide your deodorant, shaver, eye shadow, or toothpaste. They don't have to be in sight if you don't need them.


2. Choose muted or neutral tones

Light tones make spaces appear bigger. For example, pastel or grey tones create a sense of tranquillity and ward off the mental clutter of extremely bright colours. If you want your bathroom to look more spacious, choose a chromatic colour pallet focusing on simple black, whitish beige, or grey variations. At MAAMI HOME we recommend Travertine, Carrara, Kunis Brescia, Grey Kendzo, and Arabescato marble for a more spacious feel.

3. Replace old taps

Replacing old taps might be the first place to start if you are looking to renovate your bathroom. If you want to keep your existing taps and they need a little tlc, you can give them a good wipe with specialised products. Alternatively, if the current style isn't in keeping with your minimalist bathroom, replace them. There are several bathroom tap design solutions on the market today including chrome, lacquered, or textured finishes. For a cleaner, more minimalist look, choose simple linear models which balance with your sink. 

4. Add a minimal decorative element

Adding a small decorative element adds extra harmony to your bathroom, creating a balance between providing adequate storage whilst maintaining an uncluttered look - an essential element of minimalism, as mentioned earlier. For example, add a side table, a bench, or a tray that stand out in the bathroom space, creating a simple, minimalist space. 

5. Choose marble for the floor or walls

By choosing marble for your bathroom walls and floor, your bathroom gains unique textures, elegance and a look which will stand the test of time. Using natural materials is an essential element of minimalism, and reduces additional work further down the line, as repainting is not necessary in a few years later. Adding marble furniture with wooden details completes the look and feel when you want to create a minimal look in your bathroom.

Minimalism is not only a current trend in decoration but also a lifestyle. A tidy and harmonious environment provides more tranquillity in our mind and less distraction around us. If you aren't sure of which design choices to make for your bathroom, we would be happy to help! Get in touch with us via our contact form or book a meeting with a member of the MAAMI HOME team and we will get in touch shortly.