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mini Fiore lamp is a design object born as a continuation of the award-winning lamp Fiore. Created by renowned Portuguese designer Fabio Teixeira, mini Fiore collection is exploring a fusion between colourful marble and a light aluminium base. Though marble is usually renowned by its’ color pallet of white, grey and black, we are eager to expand the horizons and present you with more exquisite options ranging from forest greens to midnight blacks. 

Wide color range to fit your space is not all the benefits of the architectural lamp. mini Fiore is portable and therefore the first of its kind to join MAAMI’s HOME collection. Designed to share its’ brightness for 10h on the maximum setting mini Fiore can easily follow you around while you read your favorite book in a night-time or while enjoying festivities outside. The lamp is conveniently charged with a USB- C to be easily compatible with your other favorite devices. Let mini Fiore become your luxurious friend wherever you go. 

mini Fiore Yellow is crowned with a natural stone extracted in Portugal- Amarelo Negrais. This exquisite stone showcases a distinctive palette, ranging from light beige to vibrant yellow and rich golden hues, making each lamp truly one-of-a-kind. The base, meticulously handcrafted from premium aluminum, is finished with a matching yellow coat that complements the stone’s radiant top. 

The mini Fiore Yellow is designed to illuminate your space with its vibrant colors and sophisticated charm. Perfect for any room that craves a touch of elegance, this lamp effortlessly blends artistry and function, bringing both light and a luxurious ambiance to your home.

If you want to see the secrets of mini Fiore making, watch this video

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Note: Every product is unique due to its nature of being made from natural stone. The variations in the shade of the finishes and the veining should be considered as advantages and not as defects since they are characteristics of natural and not artificial materials.

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