Sérgio Costa
general manager
Ricardo Costa
purchase manager
Fábio Teixeira
product designer
Hélder Vieira da Silva
administrative & logistic department
Afonso Moreira
export manager
Alexandre Braga Lopes
marketing & communication
Joana Barbosa
marketing manager
António Ferreira
cnc production manager
Manuel Silva
production department
Carlos Pinto
production department
António Pinto
production department
Rogério Oliveira
production department
Álvaro Pinto
production department
Adolfo Neto
production department
Ricardo Santos
production department
Vítor Gaspar
production department
Wagner Augusto
production department
David Sousa
production department
André Cruz
production department
Tiago Silva
production department
Maami Team

Our team

At MAAMI HOME, we believe that togetherness and team work as well as your workplace are the main drivers of innovation, creativity and quality that we give to our clients by every piece that we produce.

At the moment our team is quite diverse, not only in the people who compose it or their ages, but also in the diversity of histories and lifetime experiences that they can tell. We believe that this differences are the main reason for our success.

Without any doubt, all of our employees are the soul of our company.