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GUIM is an elegant, timeless washbasin. Paying homage to the luxury of marble, the GUIM top mounted wash basin will enhance any bathroom space. From its initial conception through to the final stages of its crafting, GUIM offers a sophisticated experience at each use and complements any bathroom or personal washing space.

GUIM is a square-shaped sink, with rounded hand-finished edges, set upon a rectangular base. The curves of the GUIM marble sink contrast with the right angled sink base. The sink sits off-centre, with space to the side for toiletries when the sink is in use. GUIM combines minimalistic aesthetics with high-functionality. The cavity of the sink is to the top of GUIM and thefunctional part is found at the lower level.

The stones for the GUIM top mount sink are machine cut in the first instance and are then finished and polished by hand by our marble craftsmen.

GUIM is a customisable piece and is available in a choice of marble, wood and metal, as per our current catalogue. Contact us to discuss your requirements and marble choice for your project.

Note: Every product is unique due to its nature of being made from natural stone. The variations in the shade of the finishes and the veining should be considered as advantages and not as defects since they are characteristics of natural and not artificial materials.

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