PODIUM, the sideboard that snatched David Hingamp

Any world athlete aspires to get on the podium. It is, more than the sign of individual victory, a collective affirmation of identity. Cultural, territorial and affective.
When we created this sideboard for the living collection of Maami Home, we wanted to bring all this noble significance. PODIUM is a majestic piece, but at the same time, simple; robust while being visually light; and, without a doubt, timeless.
To display it in a living or working space is, first of all, to declare a mantra statement. In its DNA are some of the most elegant marbles. Estremoz Rosa Aurora Vigaria, Black & Gold or Gray Kendzo design an extraordinary piece, with superb details that enhance any environment.

PODIUM is an elegant combination of boxes of different dimensions and angles, which, in the good MAAMI HOME style, synthesize functionality and provide seemingly imperceptible storage space.

This was the piece that won David Hingamp, the London architect mentor of AR’CHIC, an architecture studio dedicated to luxury residential projects and with a regular presence in some of the most prestigious international publications in architecture and design. David chose PODIUM for his living space, privileging the imposing sobriety of this piece and giving it prominence and centrality.

At MAAMI HOME we are passionate about this functional and minimal plasticity that transforms furniture and decoration objects into authentic works of art. The combinations are multiple and designed according to the individual wishes of each client. But the effect is one: the noble elegance of marble combined with the functional design that gives soul and life to any space.